Welcome! My name is Miguel Onej and my team and I have been Top Producers since 2006. I am passionate about helping my clients how to buy and sell a home in today’s market.

Global Clientele  Exposure, & Experience 

A large portion of our client base is located outside Canada.

We have all the tools and resources to help you with a hassle free real estate transaction wherever that home may be located.  We can assist you whether you are looking for a New Condo, an Apartment, New Construction Home, detached house, townhouse or Penthouse.

For Sellers: We have a tried, tested, and true marketing plan for selling property in Vancouver that allows you to sell in less time for more money. Our marketing is global. Contact me to learn more about how to get access to our large international client base.

At Onfjeunesse, we aim to show you the best real estate properties in Canada. We give you tips, advice and a general idea of how the real estate market is and what you should and shouldn’t do while purchasing the property. Keep tuning into our blog to get more updates!